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Straightforward Help Desk & Ticketing Software

Increase efficiency without adding complexity


QtyShopOP will streamline all communication with a client (chats, tickets, phone calls), within a ticket that has a organized workflow towards resolution of the client issue. Regardless what channel your clients prefer, QtyShopOP ticketing system functions as a spam-free unified inbox for all questions and concerns. All kind of communications (emails, chats, sms, tweets, or phone calls) are stored in the system as separate tickets.


 Full Email IntegrationTickets can be (automatically) created via email, our customizable online form, facebook, twitter, sms, fax, phone and all other channels you use. Configure different mailboxes for sending are receiving emails via SMTP, POP, IMAP.
 Social Media AppsSend and receive message via Facebook and Twitter. Communicate through the channels your customers use.


Answer with Lightning Speed

Don’t waste time formatting emails any longer.


Our self-learning template system will pre-format emails for you. In combination with our flawless FAQ integration, most replies won’t require you to type a single word. QtyShopOP will remember your preferences for different countries automatically.


 Knowledgebase & FAQThe QtyShopOP Knowledge Base (canned ressources) allows your staff to answer recurring questions in just a few clicks.
 Filter and search optionsIn-built search and filter options allow you to find tickets instantly, regardless what particular information your are looking for.


QtyShopOP Ticket & Help Desk Features

Multi-Language Support (with auto detection)

Receive emails via POP or IMAP

Send emails through SMTP

Send & receive messages via Facebook and Twitter (API)

HTML and Plaintext Emails

Full SSL Support

SPAM-Free, secure and unified mailbox

Full ticket lifecycle from opening to resolution

Assign Tickets to Operators

Assign Chats to Tickets

Dynamic/Automatic Templates (email that almost writes itself)

Track all kind of business issues

Send and receive attachments

Link Chats and Tickets

Flawless FAQ integration, respond to inquiries with lightning speed

Integrated spellchecker

Waiting Time indicator

Search & Filter options

Collision Avoidance

Alerts & Notifications


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