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QtyShopOP Live Chat

Turn website Visitors into Customers

Use Live Chats / Live Help to get in touch with your website visitors instantly. Ask visitors whether they have questions or need help and increase customer satisfaction and sales. Provide premium customer service by chatting live with your customers and give direct assistance where it’s needed – at any time!

Using Live Chats will relieve your service department noticeably. As your operators can handle 2-4 chats at the same time easily, your team will work much more efficient compared with answering questions by phone or email.

QtyShopOP also offers a great solution for communication needs inside of your company. Service workers and employees will save a lot of time and money by talking to each other directly.

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 Automated / Proactive Chat InvitationsLive Chat invitations are powerful engagement tools that can be used by website chat operators quickly and easily to get in (first) contact with their website visitors. Proactive chat invitations can be initiated automatically (based on the powerful QtyShopOP event system) or by operators from within the Operator Client at any time.
Chat File Transfers (bi-directional)Send files to website visitors, departments or co-workers and receive files from your customer. Easily drag & drop files from the canned resources into the chat field and the link to the file will be sent to your chat partner instantly.


LiveZilla Live Chat Software

On-site and Off-site Chats

QtyShopOP offers you two different ways of integrating Live Chat services into your websites. Both options can be combined freely and configured independently.

On-Site Chat Widget (Overlay Chats)
This is the first choice for all kind of sales activities. This chat widget directly integrates with your websites, it attracts most attention and you will get in touch with many website visitors.

Off-Site Chat (External browser window)
This is the first choice for support activities. The chat runs in an external browser window, independent from your website. It will attract less visitors but offers more functionalities compared to the on-site chat widget.


 Global Canned Messages / File ManagementWhat makes QtyShopOP Live Support so efficient? A smart but powerful resource management system. Store answers to all common questions along with files to respond to needs of your visitors instantly. Wound fingers from typing – that was yesterday. Every resource can be drag and dropped in the chat box of the regarding chat partner.
 Richtext HTML Formatting (WYSIWYG)To increase the legibility full HTML formatting is possible with the built-in HTML-Editor. Use different styles like Bold or Italic and enrich your chat messages with images, lists and tables.


Chat Bots / Virtual Assistants

You can’t be online all day and night? Tired of answering the same questions again and again?
No problem, just let our Chat Bots get to work when you need a break.

QtyShopOP Virtual Assistant is a lifelike agent providing an interactive and personal way for your clients and website visitors to get assistance on your website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You will receive a transcript of each chat by email (you can also join Live Assistant chats invisibly) which helps you to optimize your bots and build up a perfect F.A.Q. database.

QtyShopOP Live Assistant reduces support efforts significantly, it shortens queues and improves the customer experience.

Use chat bots on your website.

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 Classroom, E-Learning and Conference ChatsQtyShopOP allows you to create dynamic group and conference chats between website visitors, customers, co-workers, employees and other operators in just a few clicks.
 SpellcheckerA comfortable spellchecker with text highlighting and correction suggestions is available on operator side. It supports more than 20 languages and personal dictionaries.


Real-Time Translation Service

Speak your customers language and translate Chat Messages On-The-Fly.

Based on Google® Translate Version 2, QtyShopOP can translate chats between your operators and website visitors in real time. Break through language barriers and translate from your native language into the prefered language of your customers.

All major languages are supported.

LiveZilla Live Chat Software


 Custom Input Fields (Chats & Ticket)Create your very own chat login form based on the default input fields (Name, Email, Company, Question) and add up to 10 additional chat input fields like Phone, Customer Number or any other information you may require. You can setup different chat login forms, individually for each of your departments. All input fields can be set as required or optional. You can choose from 4 different input elements (text, text area, checkbox, dropdown list). Furthermore, the data provided by the user can be validated before access to the chat will be granted.
 Ratings and Feedback FormRatings will give you valuable feedback directly from your customers and website visitors. Learn how to improve the support you provide and increase customer satisfaction. Your website visitors can rate the politeness along with the qualification of the operator they were in contact with.


LiveZilla Live Chat Software

Shortcuts & Quick-Search

When chatting with your website visitors, you often have to answer the same questions and use the same phrase. No need to type these. Using simple shortcuts, you can answer recurring questions in a second.

Even better, the in-built quick search will search the knowledge automaticaly to find matching resources for you. Just type a single word to get a list of matching canned resources.


More QtyShopOP Live Chat Features

Chats between X Operators and X website visitors

Chat forwarding (to Operators and Groups)

Quality Assurance Chats

Different Chat Invitation Styles

Group Chat Queue Line (with approx. waiting time and queue position)

Callback Service

Operator Chat Queue Line (with approx. waiting time and queue position)

Chat Priority Levels

Global Chat Archive

Downloadable Operator Visitcards (in chat)

Chat Opening Times / Schedule

Answer Suggestions / Quick Search Window

Typing Indicator (bi-directional)

Email Chat Transcripts

Customization and Branding


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